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Convenient and affordable dog and cat grooming services

Are your pets looking a little scruffy? Why not let your furry friends have a spa day? From luxurious oatmeal baths and full-body haircuts to nail trimming and teeth brushing, Primp My Paws offers premium grooming services for your dog or cat in the Fairfield, Maine area. Our family-owned and operated mobile grooming service will come to your house and groom your pets on our bus. It’s a convenient way to take care of your furry loved ones!

3 reasons to let Primp My Paws groom your pets

Grooming your pets is essential for many reasons. Our services help:

  1. Control shedding – Pets are going to shed. However, our brushing, trimming and conditioning services will help with hair loss and shedding concerns.
  2. Avoid medical problems – Pets are susceptible to illnesses just like people. Our grooming services include cleaning teeth, ears and more.
  3. Improve appearance – Keep your pet in top condition with our haircut and bathing services.

Your pets deserve the royal treatment

Keep your pet squeaky clean with our bathing services. You can choose from oatmeal baths, deep-sea mineral baths and mud baths. We also use high-quality shampoo to help with shedding, fleas and ticks. For an extra $10, your loveable pet can receive our Posh Primp service, which is a full-body haircut. We’ll even put a final touch on your pet’s grooming with a fresh scent spray.

Show your pets that you love them by scheduling Primp My Paws grooming services today. If you make an advance appointment, you’ll receive a pre-booking discount! We also have an offer for multiple pet grooming needs and provide discounts for senior citizens, veterans and chamber of commerce members.

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